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The American Idol Super Vote

angelamillerwide-4_3American Idol reality TV show is introducing a new way for audience to vote. Idol is introducing the American idol voting online program “Super Voting” . This new voting options allows audience to vote up to 50 votes to a single contestant or divide them on all the contestants. This is in addition to the other voting options like texting and calling the toll free number.  Fans will be able to super vote, make several votes at the same time, using any of AT&T American Idol Vote ways.

Fans will be able to super vote via,, the American Idol mobile application, and Facebook. Using this super vote, audience can assign any number of votes for a single contestant up to 50 votes (Via all voting destinations)  at a time. A new innovative experience in the super vote is that fans can adjust their voting during the performance, once the performance ends and the voting officially begins, fans can submit all their votes at one time. Voters who submit their voting online should be having a registered Facebook account in America, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands.

The American Idol mobile app is not designed only for the fans to super vote, it is designed to provide fans all over the world with a unique American Idol experience. Using the American Idol new app, users will be able to access the content of each episode and be up to date to the social and interactive experience presented in every episode. The app gives fans all the information they need about American Idol like the news of each episode as well as the behind of the scenes, exclusive photo and video galleries, the bios of judges and hosts, the social conversations, and the best of American Idol on the smartphone or tablet.

Fans can download the American Idol TV show app on their Android and Apple devices. They can download it from the Android App store or Apple’s app Store. The app is featured by Apple store as “New and Noteworthy”. The app allows fans, thanks to AT&T,  to join the real time conversations on Twitter and Facebook.  As well as accessing all the content of American Idol episodes, fans will be allowed to share the content with their friends on social media website. Fans will be allowed to access the profiles of the judges, hosts, and the contestants and watch the interviews of the contestants.

The new super vote will be giving more winning opportunities to the contestants with the largest and the most active online presence, the highest numbers of followers on social media websites. This new super vote has made the competition enters a new area which is the social media websites. Contestants with fan pages with high numbers of fans will be having a higher opportunity than others. Many websites made comparisons between the contestants’ pages on Twitter. Contestants with fans using only the old way of voting are now in danger of leaving the competition because of the super vote.

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